Lisa Tintner

Managing Partner

Lisa Tintner is Managing Partner of Highland Performance Solutions, a woman-owned consulting firm. Leading the creation and execution of the firm’s strategy, Lisa oversees day-to-day operations to ensure seamless integration across marketing, business development, consulting, delivery, and client service excellence. With an extensive background in consulting and business development, she offers a unique blend of practical insight and strategic acumen. Lisa leverages this expertise to assist clients in identifying the levers to optimize individual, team and organizational solutions that maximize value and drive growth across diverse industries.

Before joining HPS and spearheading its transformation, Lisa held roles in both public and private firms, including organizations such as Harvard Business Corporate Learning and Right Management. Her track record underscores her talent for executing go-to-market strategies, driving top-line revenue growth, enhancing profitability, and elevating overall organizational performance. 

Lisa oversees and shapes the firm’s consulting practice, ensuring seamless consistency in delivering quality, reliable, and predictable outcomes. She leads a team of consultants, provides strategic guidance, forges new partnerships, and evolves the firm’s solutions to meet client needs. She firmly believes that leaders who cultivate self-awareness, curiosity, and authenticity establish trusted relationships that foster individual and organizational growth.

As a trusted advisor, Lisa fosters close collaboration with her clients to leverage diverse perspectives to enhance problem-solving that delivers results. Her approach is marked by an insatiable curiosity, which prioritizes a clear understanding of clients’ strategic goals, business context and desired outcomes. She brings an “outside-in” lens to inspire thought-provoking dialogue, encouraging self-reflection and cultivates inventive solutions to achieve business objectives.

An alumna of Illinois State University, Lisa is a lifelong learner with a growth mindset, actively seeking continuing education and is certified in Hogan Assessment Systems. Her industry experience spans diverse sectors, including private equity, professional services, financial services, biotech/pharma, medical devices, healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, consumer products, and technology. 

In her personal time, Lisa embraces the advice of her late mother, Sherri, encouraging her to enjoy life, have fun, be happy, find joy in everything, and love your family. She enjoys interior design, maintaining a fitness routine, and enjoying quality time with family, friends and her beloved Havanese, Gianna.