Taking Your People
to New Heights

Unlock potential.
Drive organizational performance.

The way we work is changing fast.
The way we approach talent should, too.

We're fast, bold, and effective – helping organizations thrive in the rapidly changing world of work. 

Explore the ways we can partner with you:

Strategy & Transformation

Transform your business and accelerate performance.

Assessment & Succession

Uncover key talent that will take your organization to the next level.

Leadership Development

Inspire and develop your leaders to reach their full potential.

Executive Search

Attract and hire a diverse workforce to deliver your strategy.

Workforce Transition

Mobilize your talent to navigate changing workforce demands.

All Capabilities

Explore all the ways we can help you grow your business.

Our Story

Inspired by human-centered motivation and behavior in the workplace and its profound effect on individual fulfillment and performance, Highland Performance Solutions was founded to enable organizations to deliver on strategy by leveraging their most important asset: their people.

After years in public and private firms, our CEO discovered organizations are seeking solutions that are uniquely different. Simply put, organizations need partners that understand the speed of business and are fast, bold and effective.​

Our vision is to build a culture in which organizations thrive because people feel valued and are inspired to do their best work. We are passionate about sharing our vision with the organizations we serve.

Why Highland?

Taking Your People To New Heights


We take a strategic approach to get to the heart of your business challenges and ensure our solutions are aligned to your business context, culture, values, people and desired outcomes.

Fast, Bold and Effective

We are expert problem solvers that understand the speed of business in the new world of work. We design inventive practical solutions and utilize existing frameworks, content, and resources to enable us to move quickly.


We develop solutions that are relevant, scalable, and measurable. We take an iterative approach focusing on sustainment and measurement to ensure the quality of our work lasts and our solutions evolve, just as your business does.