Mobilize your talent to navigate changing workforce demands.

There continues to be a tremendous amount of self-reflection during the great resignation, resulting in costly turnover and loss of intimate business knowledge that impacts an organization’s ability to achieve business objectives. 

People desire meaningful work with organizations that care about them personally and professionally.

Supporting your talent with career reflection and development helps people rediscover what inspires and motivates them, and helps you retain valued talent. 

As organizations continue to face rapid change and an ongoing need to shift strategy to execute on business goals, the talent you have today may not be the talent you need tomorrow.

When you have to make the difficult decision to transition your valued talent, providing outplacement services is not only the right thing to do, it also reduces liability, while upholding your reputation and employer brand. 

We develop workforce transition strategies that help you mobilize talent, navigate career decisions, protect your employer brand and reduce unnecessary cost of turnover and rehire.

Our Workforce Transition practice offers:

Career Reflection & Development

As organizations grow or restructure, you have key valued talent ready to be engaged and aligned with new opportunities to fill talent gaps. We help people in your organization discover their strengths, interests and motivations to support career development. We design career reflection and development solutions that align people in the right roles to improve career satisfaction, individual performance and organizational effectiveness.

Redeployment Strategies

As the world changes rapidly, necessary shifts in strategy result in new skillsets that are needed to execute new business goals. We develop solutions that support these strategies and structures to mobilize your workforce. We help you understand the talent you have and how to redeploy resources needed for the future.

Outplacement Services

Planning for a restructure and job elimination is difficult for companies and employees; the way your organization navigates these situations impacts your employer brand.

We support clients and their leaders in preparing for these workforce transitions, from effectively holding conversations with those affected, to messaging for their colleagues, to individual and group outplacement services.

We provide all levels of candidates the skills they need to navigate next steps with career assessment, career evaluation, job search and networking strategies, resume writing, interview preparation and salary negotiations.

We provide transitioning executives with a high-touch, in-depth approach that includes assessments, coaching and advisory services to support leaders in successfully navigating the complexities of the journey and secure a successful outcome.

Our executive services support includes a 90-day role assimilation as they assume new roles to assure success.

We help individuals discover unique motivations, preferences and strengths, supporting them through every step of this journey and creating plans to helps them reach their unique desired outcome.

Redeploy valued talent to protect critical business knowledge.