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Uncover key talent that will take your organization to the next level.

In today’s world, organizations can no longer rely on gut instinct for selection, promotion and development decisions.  Yesterday’s instinct is today’s bias.

Executive leadership is key to an organization’s success, as it influences culture, engagement, and performance.

Utilizing objective, scientific, data-driven insights and world-class tools and techniques, we zero in on the high-quality talent you need to lead now and in the future.

Whether you are assessing an external candidate for fit and alignment on an executive team, or evaluating internal talent to fill a successor role, we provide valuable insights and data points to inform selection and development decisions to ensure you have the right talent in place to execute on strategy.

Our assessment solutions and succession planning strategies are tailored to enable your organization to build a robust, diverse pool of key valued talent that drives culture, engagement, retention and results. 

Our Assessment and Succession practice offers:

Succession Planning

Having a strong pipeline of diverse talent is necessary to drive innovation, growth and establish a competitive edge. We provide selection assessments that evaluate internal or external candidates to inform fit and promotion. We leverage a variety of assessment tools for development to provide deep insights and actionable data to close performance gaps and elevate your talent to successfully build a ready-now and future-focused pipeline of leaders to execute strategy.

Executive Assessment

Getting executive leadership right is key to an organization’s success. Our approach to executive assessment eliminates costly hiring errors and provides quantitative and qualitative insights that evaluate your key talent. We provide in-depth feedback around performance capabilities, challenges and motivators, ensuring best fit for your teams, organization and culture.  This process helps leaders build awareness and sharpen the focus on their own development to deliver results.

Leader Assessment

Select the right leaders to deliver your strategy. We build assessment strategies to evaluate the talent you have and identify the talent you need for the future.  Our subject matter experts will recommend an assessment and evaluation process utilizing best-in-class instruments to ensure alignment and fit based on the role.

Team Assessment

High-performing teams drive innovation and results. We conduct team assessments to build cohesive teams by evaluating collective strengths and weaknesses. We offer valuable developmental insights needed to understand the unique barriers that impede communication, decision-making and performance.

Identify key leadership to prepare for the future of work.